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How to transfer a domain

Transferring the domain as described below will give you full control over your public DNS records to make setting up G Suite, Office 365 or simply adding a subdomain a relatively straightforward process. Due to technical nuance s o f the domain and the infrequency of this process, misunderstandings are common so the process is not without its risks - the motto therefore is be prepared! Be sure to read this information thoroughly and check in with all the parties involved before you start. There are two points worth noting before you being, firstly the domain’s contact email address MUST be correct and accessible and secondly the process will cost a one off £10 + VAT. For GDPR reasons it is no longer possible to see the email address in the public record so if you’re unsure you’ll need to contact your registrar. To check who your registrar is, run a WHOIS lookup . Also note: DNS settings can take 48 hours to propagate but the Nominet setup and tag transfer, without any hiccups